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All-terrain Inspection

Robots equiped with sensors can work safely in all type of terrain, providing a realtime view during field operations.

Inspection with UNITREE

Compared with traditional inspection robots (wheeled and tracked), quadruped robots have discrete footholds and can adapt to different terrain, such as stairs, steps, slopes, mountains and so on. Equipped with GPS, robotic arm, lidar and other instruments and testing equipment, they can complete a series of work (intelligent construction, survey, search and rescue, security patrol, etc.), and provide patrol inspection, exploration, material transportation and other work and services for petrochemical, electric power, railway and mineral collection.


Thanks to the good reliability and stability of the whole machine, it has strong adaptability to irregular terrain.


The discrete foothold of the legged robot and unitree’s self-developed multi-vision technology can quickly go up and down stairs .


The police robot dog is flexible and free from environmental restrictions, and solve the difficulties of inspectors, improving the inspection efficiency and reducing the manpower investment.

Inspection with AGILE┬ĚX

In below, some costumer examples of applications in Inspection and Security field.

The security and inspections is currently the most widely used field. The outdoor security & inspections robots can be used for patrols in chemical plants, streets, warehouses and other places with sensors installed.

Mind PointEye has developed an intelligent inspection robotwith automatic intelligent route planning and navigation functions base on SCOUT. Though local intelligent video analysis technology, it achieves the alarm function when abnormal intrusion and fights happens.

Based on the AgileX Robotics Autowalker navigation kit ´╝îadded lidar, ultrasonic radar, camera and other sensors, our customer developed a construction site patrol inspection robotto complete the function of video recording, face recognition, automatic aviod-obstacle, automatic track inspection from day and night, which is able to reduce labor costs.

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