H1 - First Humanoid robot by Unitree

Versatile and powerful humanoid robot that has the potential to be used in a huge variety of applications.


New Unitree B2 quadrupedal robot

Unitree B2 is equipped with a variety of sensors, including two HD cameras, two depth-sensing cameras, and a LiDAR module.


New Unitree GO 2

A quadruped robot with built-in AI, opening up infinite possibilities of applications!

Limo Series

Limo Series

Agile•X just launched 2 new Education robots: Limo Pro and Limo ROS2.

Agilex Navi

Navis Autonomous Navigation System

Navis is the new Agile•X solution to navigate autonomously in complex environments.


Strong Load, all weather

Industrial indoor and outdoor robots with large-load capacity - Dustproof and Waterproof certified


New AGILE•X Titan

The Titan is a new powerful and versatile robot that has the potential to change the way we work. Do you know it can load up to 300 Kg?


Professional research and industrial mobile robot

Autonomous mobile robots compatible with ROS. Can be used in fields of application such as surveillance, disinfection, exploration, transportation, inspection or in a university

Robot solutions for all Industries

Robotic Solutions

Ghostysky is continuously working with international partners in order to provide best Unmanned Ground Robots solutions and products for all type of industries.

Expertise and Support

Our expertise, commitment and support are our main tools in order to assist customers in digital transition, providing innovation and efficienty to their businesses.

Air opperation support

Ghostysky is combining the best of technologies in order to provide ground robotics solutions for the support to aerial intelligence.

Improving ground operations efficiency!


Equipped with GPS, robotic arm, lidar and other instruments and testing equipment, they can complete a series of work (intelligent construction, survey, search and rescue, security patrol, etc.), and provide patrol inspection, exploration, material transportation and other work and services for petrochemical, electric power, railway and mineral collection.


Full line-up of industry-leading robotics chassis that fully meet all industry requirements, including general unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), indoor global automated vehicle (AGV), and tracked chassis, some of them have obtained CE certification. Back by mature software capabilities, Agile·X Robotics also provides customized autonomous robot solutions comprising robot R&D kits, mobile manipulators Cobot Kit, and Autopilot Kits and more, to enable industrila and education engineers to easily and quickly develop and deploy their AI robot project in all industries fields.

The cutting edge technology to revolutionize your business is here!

Costumer case - Agriculture

Professor Liangxiu Han of Manchester Metropolitan University and her team work to establish the cutting edge “N2 Vision” Nitrogen mapping system which allows farmers to apply fertiliser just where it’s needed to maximise yield while protecting the environment.

Breakthrough Nitrogen Mapping Robotic System Changes The Ways Famers Work

The rise of the robotic working dog

All dog robots can be operated manually, using a controller, or can be programmed to follow predetermined paths autonomously, thus allowing human workers to focus on more complex tasks. Watch the video in below to see what industries have already embraced quadruped robots and which ones could be next.

Where four-legged robot dogs are a crucial help at work

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